"A long trip to the Philippines" -- a 7-day and 6-night tour of Long Beach Island in the Philippines

"A long trip to the Philippines" -- a 7-day and 6-night tour of Long Beach Island in the Philippines

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Published on 16:43, September 19, 2016

Travel on the go is always about talking. There is no "on the go" for going abroad. Responsible travel is always based on planning ahead of time and predicting ahead of time. When it comes to real travel, it will be safe and enjoyable.

I'm very happy to book a trip to Long Beach Island in the Philippines through "humpback travel". Next, I will share with you all the things I have seen, heard and felt in recent days.

Let's talk about the place of Long Beach Island first. It should be familiar to all of us in the Philippines, but when it comes to Long Beach Island, some people may be hoodwinked. When I come to Changtan Island, I can clearly find that 70% of foreign tourists are basically Korean, and there are few Chinese tourists. It may be because we are not familiar with it, or it may be due to political factors.

Long Beach Island is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Philippines. The whole island is 7km long, while the white beach, known as "the finest beach in the world", is 4km long. Shaped like a dumbbell, Long Beach Island was once selected as the world's most beautiful beach and the world's first-class tropical beach, and won the first place in the world's most popular beach.

Nowadays, resorts and bars are scattered all over the island, and commercial facilities are perfect. With white beach and clear water, Long Beach Island is the first choice for island holiday.

In fact, the whole Long Beach Island is not big. It is mainly divided into six parts. We will be active in these areas in the next few days.

Best travel time

Changtan island has high temperature throughout the year, and the hot season is from March to May every year; The rainy season is from June to October every year, with many showers; The cool season is from November to February every year, with comfortable climate and less rainfall, which is the best tourist season.

We went at the end of August. Although it was rainy season, it didn't rain. It's a little hot, but it's acceptable. The most important thing is that it's very dry. We must take protective measures. There are two kinds of sunscreen: 1. Chemical sunscreen. Apply lots of sunscreen. 2. Physical sunscreen. Try to wear long sleeve trousers, don't be too hot, listen to me, right!

Suggested travel time

4-5 days

Because we reported the plane ➕ Wine, so there is no way to change the travel time. However, I still suggest playing for 4 or 5 days is the most suitable, not only the journey is very full, but also the body can afford it. But if you're on holiday, it doesn't matter~

Per capita cost


Because it's free travel, everyone's tour items and routes are different, so the price gap is quite big. So I suggest that you have no English foundation, and it's better to follow the group, because English is still common on Long Beach Island; With English foundation, the most cost-effective thing is to book a good "air ticket" in advance ➕ Hotel package.

I made a reservation for their home in advance at humpback travel ➕ The price of wine is moderate, and the most important thing is that the service is very good. Philippine Airlines' on-time direct flights are basically charter flights, so there is no need to spend time and energy on connecting flights. At the airport, there is a guide with you on the plane to guide you on your next journey. To Long Beach Island, there are also local places to pick you up to the hotel, Chinese is very 6, communication is also very convenient.


Because Long Beach Island belongs to the Philippines, we need to apply for a Philippine visa in advance. This TB will cost 200 yuan. Just send them your passport, a copy of your ID card and two 2-inch photos, which can be signed in about a week. The wonderful thing is that the visa for the Philippines is a separate piece of paper, so we must prevent water or losing it when playing~

This time, I gave it all to humpback travel, and the visa has been included in their plane ➕ It's very convenient.

plane ticket

Because the domestic direct flights to Long Beach Island have been basically bought out by travel agencies, so if you go online to book your own tickets, there are basically no direct flights, and other tickets range from 2000 to 4000 one way. It's not only troublesome, it's not cost-effective. So I still suggest to buy the "machine" in advance ➕ "Wine" set meal.

get accommodation

The hotel included in the package I ordered this time is "crown Regency Resort and Convention Center". The hotel is very good, with large rooms, swimming pool and surfing facilities. If you book online in advance, it's about 700 yuan a night.

S1 on the island are mostly high-end hotels, which are relatively quiet. S2 is a commercial area, which is quite busy. S3 is undeveloped zone, with individual hotels and many local residents. If you come alone, I prefer to live in S2, both in Agoda or booking. You can book in advance.


Long Beach Island has a high temperature all year round. It is recommended to bring summer clothes, such as short sleeve shorts. In addition, in the cool season, you need to carry a coat and trousers to keep out the cold; Take rain gear when you go to the rainy season. Indoor air conditioning is sufficient, people who are afraid of the cold had better have long sleeves.

Although it's rainy season when we go, it's very sunny. Sunscreen is often useless, so we suggest you take skin clothes and sunscreen clothes.


The local currency is the Philippine Peso, and sometimes the U.S. dollar will be charged, but they only need the U.S. dollar after 2006. Local money changers are everywhere. I left about $30 for a small denomination of $1 for small expenses.

The most convenient way to spend on the island is the UnionPay debit cards issued by major banks. You can get pesos directly from the ATM on the left side of budget supermarket in d'mall. Only 1% of the service charge is charged, which is converted according to the exchange rate of RMB against Philippine pesos on the domestic day. When shopping with a lot of cash, you'd better exchange dollars in China in advance, and exchange pesos at the airport. The exchange price on the island is not as good as that at the airport.

Local exchange rate

1 RMB ≈ 7 pesos

US $1 ≈ 46.5 pesos


In Long Beach, it's a tip area, but it's not mandatory. If you recognize the service of the staff, you can give them 20-50 pesos each time. They will be very happy. But sometimes some black or local children will take the initiative to help you with the suitcase when they see you. If you don't tip after that, they won't give you luggage. So if you don't need help, don't let them help you.

Network communication

You can open a domestic operator's international roaming (slightly expensive), or you can buy a local phone card (make sure your phone is not customized). Most of the hotels and high-end restaurants on the island have free wifi. I have a local 4G mobile phone card in caribo airport, with unlimited traffic for 7 days and $10. That's right, but according to my experience, when it comes to 500m every day, the official speed limit becomes 2G. In addition to this bug, the network speed experience is very good.

There is also the problem of sockets. Although the Philippines uses American standard sockets, the two hole plugs can be used as they are. If there are three hole electrical appliances, Taobao has a socket converter in advance.


The official language of the Philippines is Filipino, but English is also widely used.

Consumption level

The infrastructure of Long Beach Island is relatively backward. I can feel that people's living standards are not high, but the prices are similar to those of the first tier cities in China.

Generally eat buffet, about 80 RMB per capita. Go to a fast food restaurant to eat a piece of rice, about 20 yuan, drinks about less than 10 yuan. The most famous mango ice on the island also ranges from 10 to 20 RMB.

However, the water projects in Long Beach Island are very cost-effective compared with those in other countries. I ordered the project in advance in TB and contacted the activity through wechat in the later stage. You can go and have a look. There are many on the Internet. It is not recommended to follow the local tour guide or sign up in Xiaohei, because it will be much more expensive, English is not good, and there is no way to bargain.

I would like to remind you that if the English is OK, whether it's shopping or taking a bus on the island, they can bargain boldly, and their quotations are generally very high~

Let's give you the approximate price of the special products on the island:

Banana slices 100-200p a pack

There are differences in grams, brands and prices

Dried mango 60-120p pack

Different brands and different prices

The more famous brands are Cebu 7d

Coconut oil is between 100-200p

Handmade soap 40-200p


There are two most common means of transportation on the island: Tujue and motorcycle. I've never been on a motorcycle. I don't know much about the price, but the basic price of tututui car ranges from 50 to 200. Sometimes I can bargain.


August 28, 2016


September 4, 2016


Because the departure time of our flight to Changtan island was 3 a.m. on the 28th, I flew to Beijing airport at 10 p.m. on the 27th. At 12 o'clock, we had already found our leader. He gave me my passport, visa, entry card and the information form of staying in the hotel. The service was very considerate.

After changing the boarding pass, we go out and get ready to board. Because it's rainy season in Changtan island this season, it's normal to be late. I checked my mobile phone and found that the average delay of this flight is more than 4 hours. I'm drunk~~

Originally, we could take off at 3:10, but we had to wait until more than 5:00 before boarding.

Day 1

We took the direct flight of Philippine Airlines, because we had been chartered by the travel agency in advance, so all the people on the plane were from this free travel group. But the plane was still not full. I was sitting in the fourth row from the bottom, and the three rows behind me were all empty.

After a four and a half hour flight, we landed at caribo airport. The pilot's driving skill is not flattering. The landing scared everyone to death~~

After the plane glides smoothly, the view outside the cabin is still good

The airport in karibo is very small, just like the passenger station in Chinese cities and towns. The flow of airplanes is very small. The belt for picking up luggage is combined with the customs clearance.

We waited in line slowly for about half an hour, handed in our passport, visa and entry card, and passed the customs smoothly.

At this time, the local tour guide was already waiting for us. He picked up his luggage and went out.

Outside the airport, to the left, there is a counter for mobile phone card and money exchange. It's very convenient. I suggest you change it here, because the price is better than that on the island.

This is the external vehicle security check at the airport~

Take the luggage, follow the ground, come to the parking lot, ready to get on our bus.

Originally, I thought it was only a short way, but I didn't expect that I took the bus for 2 hours directly, and it was mostly mountain roads, so I suggested to bring my own medicine for carsickness!

When we arrived at the dock, we were waiting in line to get tickets to go to Long Beach Island by boat.

Because of the "machine" we bought ➕ So the transportation costs are included, mainly because it is very convenient. If you are free to travel the whole journey, I will give you the approximate cost.

Ha ha, I didn't expect it was a crab boat. If your luggage is heavy, Xiao Hei on the boat will help you take your luggage to the boat and then to the shore. The round trip tip is 40 pesos.

At the beginning, the water quality was not very good at the wharf, but the more the boat went to long beach, the better the water quality and the clearer the color.

After about 20 minutes of sailing, the boat pulled in and we boarded the Long Beach Island. But it was not over yet. We got on the local Tutu bus again, made seven turns and eight turns for about 20 minutes, and finally arrived at the hotel.

It's really not easy. In order to get here, we have experienced different means of transportation by sea, land and air. If you are free to travel the whole journey, by the way, I'd like to talk about the cost of transportation on the island.

On the island by car ship transport (business car), 250p one person; On the way back, the fare is 25p for the boat and 150P for the bus.

You need to pay 100p wharf tax and 75% environmental protection tax when you go. You only need to pay 100p wharf tax when you return.

When I arrived at the hotel, it was almost 2:00 noon. After checking in, I was a little hungry. I came out to look for food. As soon as I got on the road, I saw a street stall selling snacks.

A cup of 100p, squid wrapped in flour fried, out of the pot and then drizzled with sauce, I want tomato sauce. It tastes good. Later, I found that there were not many snacks here, but there were many fried squid, which can be seen everywhere in the alley.

The hotel we stayed in was only 5 minutes' walk away from S2 white beach, but in the afternoon, we were basically in the hotel to repair and didn't go out until the evening, ready to go out for a walk ➕ Have dinner.

Along the coastline of S2, it should be regarded as a local entertainment street. There are restaurants from all over the world, self-service seafood. On one side of the road, there are local characteristic stalls, tattoos, hair editing, small souvenirs, cold drink shops and so on, as well as the most famous Masha chicken~

After a short walk, I found a mango shake, all fresh mangoes. Scoop out the flesh with a spoon, add ice and water, and stir it with a blender. Small bottle 80p, large bottle 120P.

Does it look very fresh? It's really delicious to drink. The fragrance of fresh mango, with pulp and ice dregs, is sucked into the mouth. I feel my tongue is dancing! Highly recommended ~ highly recommended~

The restaurant master is roasting meat~

Prawns and crabs~

These restaurants are basically self-service, we ate this at that time, about 500p per person, the taste is average, the cost performance is not too high.

Because I was too tired on the first day, I went back to the hotel to have a rest after dinner.

Day 2

The next day, I got up at 9 o'clock, went to the hotel cafeteria, had something to eat, and set out to the nearest S2 white beach.

Through an alley to see the sea level blue water is really amazing, but go to the beach found a lot of algae attached to the sea, the air a very heavy smell similar to seaweed. I think it's quite fresh, and it doesn't affect my visual appreciation of the beautiful sea view of Long Beach Island.

White beach

White beach is the biggest reason why Long Beach Island is famous in the world. It has been rated as one of the top ten beaches in the world and known as "the most beautiful beach in Asia". The white beach is gentle, the sand is fine and white, and the sea water is clear and transparent.

White beach is really unspeakable beauty, and the beach is very pure and delicate, without any impurities. This is better than Phuket. There are many impurities and rubbish on the beach of Badong. On the beach of emperor Island, there are many broken corals, which are very hard to step on.

Despite the scorching sun, I can't resist the temptation of such a beautiful beach.

The white sand beach extends tens of meters into the sea, and can be seen clearly under the clear water.

White beach, clear water. Sunshine, beach, waves, what a beautiful picture.

The sand grains on the white sand beach are as fine as powder, which can stick to the hands like flour.

A lot of local children on the beach are making sand sculptures. They need to pay for it. They can ask Xiao Hei to take photos and pay for their own sand sculptures.

Almost when I was about to leave, I saw this scene. A local grandmother came to play with her two grandchildren on crutches. It seems that the local people have really regarded the sea as an indispensable part of their life~

Ha ha, I have to say one thing, this day is my 23rd birthday, and it's also my first birthday abroad. Thank my little companion Muyu for my birthday. Ha ha ha ha~

Around 2:00 at noon is the hottest time, so we have a rest in the hotel, then we go to S3 for a stroll, and come back at 4:00, because we have to go to the "sunset sail" at 4:00.

From S2 to S3, take Tutu bus, about 80p, 10 minutes.

This is a big stall along S3 beach.

The local people are tidying up large palm trees~

There are a lot of sailboats on the coast of S3.

Paragliding, wind paragliding and other marine projects are all here~

After a simple stroll, I didn't dare to stay more, so I went to S2. Because the sunset sail has been on the ship, the wind and waves are very big, so I dare not take photos. Here is a picture of the boat. You will sit on the hollowed out net on both sides of the boat.

However, I still suggest that you must go to play more than 5 o'clock, because this time is just sunset. One person is about 350p. The whole journey takes 30 minutes. Our captain drives very fast and exciting. Some captains drive very leisurely. You can buy a cup of mango ice and enjoy the sea breeze quietly.

It's almost seven o'clock after we finished playing. I went to the hotel to have a snack.

Day 3

Because I just went to Mauritius a month ago, many water sports have been played, so this time I chose some special ones, which are also reserved on TB in advance. The boss is Chinese, which is easy to communicate and the price is very affordable. But you have to get to the rendezvous point by yourself at the specified time.

This morning, the arrangement is deep and shallow, tb230 yuan, the coach is on the stage to explain to us the use of methods and precautions.

Later, we took a minibus and arrived at the dock. The coach first asked us to try out the equipment in a swimming pool and review what we had just explained. Then take a big boat to the diving point. Because I've changed my equipment, I didn't take any photos during the whole process. Here are some photos taken by my coach at the bottom of the sea~

The whole activity lasted about 2 hours. After that, I went back to the hotel to have a rest. This is a photo taken by the snorkeling shop~

At noon, I found that my camera remote control was flooded because I was sailing at sunset yesterday. I asked the local people and said that there might be a repair shop in D mall, so I came here in a hurry.

It cost about 70 yuan to repair a remote control. It took two hours to fix it. To tell you the truth, people on their side are really slow. They are not in a hurry to do anything~

After repairing the remote control, we were hungry. We found a Halal Restaurant in D Mall for dinner. Pork chops are good, but rice is a bit off the mark..

Because we arranged D mall's itinerary and souvenirs for the last day, we were ready to walk to S3 to see the sunset soon.

On the way to drink another mango ice, the taste is not as good as the first, the price is also slightly expensive, 120P.

Walking, the sun has got into the clouds~

Beautiful white beach, incomparable sunset.

The sun is setting and the sky is full of rosy clouds. Sitting quietly on the beach, in front of the endless sea water, the intersection of the sea and the sky, the round sunset slowly sinks, the whole process is beautiful, romantic and soul stirring.

The golden sea and beach, as well as the silhouette of the sailing boat, are so beautiful that they don't want to leave for a long time. Of course, there must be beautiful women in places with beautiful scenery. Bikini girls on the beach are even more beautiful. Don't waste resources. I'll take one too!

Reluctantly watching the sunset completely submerged by the sea, the day also gradually dark down, we are ready to go back to S2 for dinner.

Today's restaurant is a local restaurant in the Philippines. We ordered noodles and fried chicken legs. Very good, recommended!

After dinner, I strolled around the night market and took some pictures.

Almost 10:30, go back to the hotel to sleep!

Day 4

The itinerary we prepared for this day is "Crystal Island, one-day trip to sea", which is also a project scheduled in advance at TB. The whole itinerary is 6-7 hours, 180 RMB. Online payment in advance, come and collect directly.

The day before yesterday, the store informed that the meeting place was the east bank, but because they went to bed too late at night, they didn't get up on time in the morning, so they hurried to the side of the road to buy a glutinous corn to eat. It tasted good.

This is the boat we are going to take today. The people in this boat are basically Korean. All the way speechless, about 30 minutes, arrived at an island.

Here I drink different mango ice.

If you don't buy mango ice, the store won't let you sit under your tent. I think this is a bit of a pit~

I really don't want to go to the beach to play with water, bask in the sun and drink.

After staying for about half an hour, we went out to sea by boat again. This time, we stopped at a place not far away. The captain signaled that we could go snorkeling. If we use the equipment on the ship, 20 P per person. If you think it's unsanitary, you'd better take your own equipment like me, it's not heavy!

After playing for about 30 minutes, the captain signaled everyone to get on the boat and eat BBQ on the beach!

Because the light is too dark, I didn't shoot. Generally speaking, it's good, mainly because there are meat kebabs. When I came out after dinner, I felt very much when I saw a boat, so I went to take a picture quickly!

It's already afternoon. We are going to Crystal Island.

Crystal Island is an artificial island. Crystal Cave refers to the two natural caves on Crystal Island. The water under the cave is very clear. When the sun shines, the cave is full of crystal like glitter, which is very beautiful. However, the sand on the beach of the island is very thick, so it is not recommended to play barefoot. There are many pieces of artificial landscape on the island suitable for taking photos.

This is the vision of this artificial island.

It's at the door. You need to buy another ticket. It's 200P for one person~

The scenery on the island is good. You can go around the island. There are two caves to go down and have a look. Man made building is very suitable for concave shape photography!

The sea looks really beautiful. The color of emerald is intoxicating!

There are many such buildings on the island, much like Jeju Island in South Korea. You can take photos.

This is a crystal cave. There are two on the island. You can go snorkeling directly.

Compared with the scorching sun outside, crystal cave is much cooler! The bottom of the crystal cave leads to the sea~

We have to go down to a few caves, or it's just for nothing. In fact, I didn't pay attention to the crystal. It's wet and slippery in the cave. I must walk carefully. And the wave is very big, the mobile phone must be put in a waterproof bag, or it will become a brick in one second. There is a very low tunnel in one of the holes = = it's just a tall disaster. It's going to hit the head all the time.

In a word, Crystal Island is very recommended to you. The scenery is very beautiful, very style, and there are few people. The color of the sea is also very beautiful~

Soon, we set out to "jump island" again. The so-called "jump island" is that there is a cliff on this island, about 10 meters, which can challenge to jump! I didn't play, but it was exciting~

At this time, it's almost 4 o'clock. We're ready to return. Today's one-day tour to the sea is over~

After landing, we met the three Malaysian brothers and exchanged FB and INS, ha ha ha~

Because it's still early, we walked to the residential area of Long Beach Island to see what kind of life the local people have~

The two brothers see me take photos for them, and they are very enthusiastic about poss!

The little girl should come home from school alone~

On the whole, I feel that it's still relatively backward here, and the infrastructure is not perfect, but everyone's face is full of smile, positive and healthy!

I bought some local peanuts and went back to the hotel to have a rest. Good night~

Day 5

This morning's itinerary was also ordered online in advance. I drove a "go kart to mount Luhuo" for 99 RMB. Because I had to drive the whole journey, I didn't take any pictures. But believe me, I must play. It's very cool, because I was driving on the winding mountain highway.

Before getting on the bus, coach instructs and instructs matters needing attention.

Luhuo mountain is the highest place on Changtan Island, with an altitude of about 100 meters. Although it is not high, it is difficult to climb. At the top of the mountain, you can overlook the whole island. This beautiful 360 degree sea view, especially the long white beach, is worth climbing up.

It's really beautiful crying on the top of the mountain~

There are two viewing platforms on Mount Luhuo. Although the viewing platform is relatively old, the scenery above is really beautiful, with three sides of sea water and one side of mountain. I suggest that if time permits, you'd better come and watch the sunrise or sunset~

The waves gently beat on the beach, forming an elegant white coastline. The blue water hugs the beautiful Long Beach Island. The island is completely covered by green plants, red roofs scattered among the emerald green... Standing on the top of the mountain, enjoying the bright sunshine, the humid sea breeze and the beautiful scenery of Long Beach Island, we really have a deeper understanding of the word "relaxed and happy".

After going down the mountain, I drove my go kart all the way back, and sat at the door in a free van to go to Puka beach.

Puka beach is also known as Shell Beach, facing Carabao island. It is the second largest beach on Long Beach Island and is famous for its shiny Puka shells. Few people go here, but the scenery is really wonderful. The beach is full of all kinds of small shells, a little separated by the feet. The shells are polished smooth and thick by the sea water, which is even smoother than those processed in China~

This is known by more people because: Liang Jingru's wedding photos are taken here~

Because there are few tourists, so the water is very clean!

A local father and son have just finished swimming and come ashore. Baby is very lovely naked~

There's no trace of the overflowing algae on the white beach, and there's no garbage on the beach. It can be said that all aspects are far better than the white sand beach, the only disadvantage is that the sand is relatively thick, and there is no feeling like flour on the white sand beach. This is the real color of the Philippine Sea, crystal clear blue.

It's not big here. It's also because it's too hot at noon, so we went back to the hotel after a short visit.

In the afternoon, we came to "virgin rock"

Notre Dame reef is a famous scenic spot on long beach. Not far from the shore, there is a rock with strange shape. Later generations installed a statue of Notre Dame on it, named Notre Dame reef.

The reef is not big, only a small part of it can be climbed, and you can take a picture with the virgin.

The water near Notre Dame reef is cool, and there are many lovely fish. You can go snorkeling here, put your clothes on Notre Dame reef, and get the protection of gods.

You can't go up when the tide is high. You can take photos when the tide is low~

The beach behind "Notre Dame reef" is "Friday Beach". It is also the finest, softest, whitest and most beautiful beach area on Long Beach Island in the Philippines. It is called powder sand by the local people.

The fine white sea sand, hidden in the clear and transparent sea water, will form the sea water that looks like milk. You can swim and play in the sand here, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sky and the sea and the clear and white water.

Or like me, when the sun goes down, the light and shadow of the setting sun will fall into the milk like sea water, forming a thick light and shadow display, which is very beautiful.

Day 6

On the last day of the trip, I arranged to go shopping in D mall to buy a gift.

D mall is the largest pedestrian street in the commercial district of Long Beach Island. There are delicious food from all over the world, as well as many gifts and souvenirs to choose from.

Now let's talk about some recommended or not recommended hand gifts.

1. Hand painted key chain: Although the key chain is slightly tacky, it's interesting to draw the scenery of long beach and write the name of a friend.

2. Postcards: the overall consumption in the Philippines is not high, but I don't know why postcards are so expensive. On the island, the price is 25p, and occasionally 20p. If you add the postage of 20p, how much does it cost to send a postcard~

3. Soap: the soap of Long Beach Island is very famous, the general 99p one box, small also have 100p three.

4. Mango chocolate: the package is very good. In fact, mango is wrapped with a layer of chocolate. Not recommended!

5. Wine: it's good to bring one or two bottles of Long Beach characteristic rum to friends who like to collect wine. The customs limit two bottles, don't bring more.

6. Coconut oil: it's good to take this as a gift to your friends, and it's also good for your own use. There's pure coconut oil, and there's coconut oil mixed with various plants. The price is about one or two hundred pesos.

7.7d dried mango: just buy a few bags to eat. If you take a lot back, Taobao is cheaper.

Day 7

On this day, we didn't have any itinerary. We woke up naturally in the morning, checked out at 12 noon, and then gathered at 3. During this period, I went to white beach to take a commemorative photo!

Set off for the airport, 9 p.m. plane, all the way back~

Right across the road from the airport, we saw a Chinese food seller. We couldn't wait to ask for a bowl of beef noodles. When we took the first bite, the whole person would cry, OK? It's so fragrant ~ I miss you so much!

Because I brought a lot of things and the security check was troublesome, I spent a long time, trotted all the way to the bottom of the plane and boarded last~

Here, my trip to Long Beach Island is basically over~

In fact, before departure, the most concerned problem of family and friends is safety, which is generally considered unsafe. But when we set foot on this land, we feel full of enthusiasm, friendliness and smile all the time... OK! If you worry again, I can only say with a smile, if you never go out, then the world can only be what you "hear". And you'll never miss the beauty you can't imagine with your eyes closed.

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