"Thailand is not the same", five wish lists go back to Thailand

"Thailand is not the same", five wish lists go back to Thailand

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Published on July 22, 2014 21:13

============================================================================"Lost in Thailand" has been a hot topic since its release. Of course, we are talking about not only the embarrassing stories of Wang Bao, Xu Lang and Gao Bo, but also the charming human demons, exquisite buildings and the unbridled water splashing festival in the film. After watching the film, many people have the impulse to travel to Thailand, and even major travel agencies have launched tourism routes with the theme of "Thailand lost". However, for many people, Thailand is not a strange country, Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya, Sumi island and so on are already familiar. If you make a travel wish list like the protagonist Wang Bao in the play, you will think: in addition to those crowded famous scenic spots, how can you play in Thailand? Indeed, worshiping Buddha, doing spa and watching human demon have long been nothing new. Before departure, it's better to listen to new suggestions. How many ways does Thailand play? Make sure your wish list is different.

Wish list 1 island trip

Place of realization: Emperor Island

When you talk about the islands in Thailand, I'm afraid you can only think of the famous Sumei and Phuket. In fact, there are many other islands in Thailand with amazing beauty and different characteristics, and the imperial island is one of them. Take a boat from Phuket, about an hour later you can get to this paradise like island. Not only is the sea clear, but the coral reef coast is also unforgettable. It is said that during the development of the scenic spot, only one tree was cut down and two trees were planted on the island, which shows that the island is in good condition.

Different from the noisy Phuket Island, there are only a small number of residents and sporadic tourists on the island. The sand beach is as white as snow, the sea is blue and transparent, and the waves are strong and simple. It's so romantic to take a walk on the white sand. It would be more perfect if we could have another romantic encounter. The nearby Bay is an excellent place for snorkeling. Even if you can't swim, you can easily play with colorful fish in close range. If you are lucky, you can also see turtles.

How to realize

Transportation: Beijing can fly directly to Phuket Island or transfer via Bangkok, and then take the express ship to Emperor island.

Accommodation: the Racha resort is the only five-star hotel on the island. Facing the beautiful white beach, it has 75 luxury villas. Each villa has a private courtyard and an outdoor bathroom. With low-key and luxurious architectural style, you can enjoy the beautiful sea view at home.

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Milan Islands

It is located in the Andaman Sea, 90km northwest of Phuket. It is an area composed of nine islands. It was designated as a national park in 1982 and is one of the top ten diving resorts in the world. The island is open from November to April of the next year. April 30 of each year is the last time to land on the island. The rest of the time is not allowed to land on the island. From Phuket, you can choose from a variety of travel packages to the Sri Lanka islands.

Kami Island

It is located in the south of Thailand, across the sea from Phuket. With more than 30 outlying islands, Kami is the most beautiful place on the Andaman coast. Due to the late development, there are clean beaches, white soft sand, warm and clear sea water, palm trees swaying with the wind, waterfalls flowing continuously, and wild animals shuttling everywhere, which is very original. Here, you can enjoy the slow pace of life away from the secular, everywhere beautiful, everywhere romantic.

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Wish list 2 cultural tour

The white spirit falling into the world (click here for more details)

Standing in front of this white temple, your heart will be conquered by it immediately. In fact, Baimiao is just a common name. Its real English name is wat Rong Khun, and its Chinese translation is Longkun temple, Lingguang temple or Bailong temple. Surprisingly, this shocking religious building was actually a modern building built in 1998. The famous Thai architect Mr chalermchai spent all his life to create the greatest work in his life as a gift for Queen Shijili.

Although the white temple has not yet been completed, it has become one of the most beautiful temples in the hearts of many tourists

Although the temple has not yet been completed, it is already one of the most beautiful temples in the minds of many tourists. The pure white roof, the pure white wall, the pure white base, and the glass inlaid on the wall reflect the dazzling silver light from time to time, just like a jade house falling into the mortal world, which makes people instantly admire it. In front of the temple, there is a shallow pool of clear water, in which several small fish swim comfortably. To visit the white temple, we need to cross a corridor bridge. The designer uses this bridge to express Buddhism's spirit of universal salvation and compassion. At the same time, it adds a touch of tenderness to the solemnity of the white temple. The architecture of the white temple is shocking. You can also deeply feel the power of religion here. Different from other temples, qinglaibai Temple makes people feel happy physically and mentally, but it seems to have a spiritual connection with the Buddha. The appearance of Bai Temple makes more and more people know about Qinglai, a small city in northern Thailand. Many people drive hundreds of miles to see her.

How to realize

Transportation: start from Beijing and transfer to Chiang Mai at Bangkok. Qinglai is about 180 km away from Chiang Mai. Baimiao is located 14 km southwest of Chiang Lai, on the side of the road between Chiang Lai and Chiang Mai. There is a long-distance bus from Chiang Mai to Chiang Lai. You can get off at Baimiao on the way. The white temple will also be included in the one-day tour of Qinglai in the golden triangle.

Accommodation: Chedi Hotel, Chiang Mai. Located in the urban area of Chiang Mai, it has won many awards since its opening in 2005. The 2009 gold list of Conde Nast traveler in the United States, chedi, is known as the best accommodation in the world. In 2007, the Hong Kong film "the disciples" was shot here for a long time. The low-key luxury boutique hotel and the super cost-effective afternoon tea can't be missed.

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City in the mountains

Built in the 19th century, it is the palace of King Rama IV of Thailand, about two or three hours' drive from Bangkok. Because of his love for the beautiful atmosphere of the mountains here, the king built the palace on the top of the mountain and named it "Phra Nakhon Khiri", which means "City in the mountains". It includes palaces, Buddhist temples and some buildings. It combines western neoclassicism and Chinese traditional architectural elements. The movie "Anna and the king" is based on King Rama IV of Thailand and his female teacher. Many plots take place in this palace.

Palace of love and hope

In the last century, Rama VI, king of Thailand, favored the princess and built 16 teak palaces with 1080 pillars on the seashore of Huaxin, the summer resort of the royal family. Each of them had two to three floors and the roofs were painted red. The buildings of the royal family and their retinues will be distinguished by different colors. They are well preserved and become the most distinctive buildings of Huaxin.

Wish list 3 Adventure

Realize the place cabbage and condom Restaurant - guess if you will blush (click here for more details)

Food and condoms are different things, but some people in Thailand combine the two. Don't think about it. It's not a romantic place, but a restaurant with a special theme. Cabbage and condom restaurant is located in an alley in Bangkok. It's not easy to find it for the first time. It was founded by Mr. MichaI, the former health minister of Thailand, in 1987. It promotes safe sex to customers in the form of theme restaurants, and all profits are used for related charity projects. The restaurant also has "cabbage" in its name in the hope that condoms are as cheap and popular as cabbage in Thailand.

Ordering in Cabbage and condom restaurants, you will find that even the name of the dish is also related to condoms

When you walk into a restaurant, you don't feel different from other restaurants at first. But if you look carefully, you will find that the hat, beard and wedding dress of Santa Claus and beautiful bride standing at the door are all made of condoms, even the murals and exquisite chandeliers on the wall are no exception. The outdoor area of the restaurant is surrounded by trees, and there is a "fashion show area" in one corner. The models include Hollywood stars "Spider Man" and "cat girl". However, the raw materials of these "fashions" are condoms and birth control pills. With the ingenious thinking of designers, they have turned into beautiful clothes. Entering the room is like entering a condom Museum. The names of various dishes are also related to condoms. After dinner, the waiter sent a condom instead of chewing gum. At this time, I don't know if you will blush. Although it is a theme restaurant, the dishes here are very authentic and the price is reasonable.

How to realize

Transportation: from Beijing to Bangkok, this restaurant is located in lane 12, sukunyi Road, near sky train Nana station in the center of Bangkok.

Accommodation: Pullman hotel in Bangkok has superior geographical location, rich Thai characteristics, first-class service and high cost performance.

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Meigong railway market

In the town of Maeklong in Samut songkhram, a suburb of Bangkok, there is the MAE klong railway market, the most dangerous market in the world. Every day, eight trains cross the market. When the train passes, the stall owner must put away the sunshades and shelves that block the train, and then put them back to continue business. The town market has become a unique landscape that can not be missed.

Human demon show

Many people are biased against the performance of human demons. In fact, it's unnecessary. It's not as pornographic as you think, but a gorgeous art performance, and there's no problem for the whole family to see it. Its costumes, props and lighting are gorgeous, and its performance is professional and artistic. About one-third of the programs contain Chinese elements, comparable to the reduced version of the Spring Festival Gala. The price is also very cheap. For more than one hour's performance, the VIP seat is less than 120 yuan, including the hotel's pick-up. Don't forget to take a picture with the beautiful human demon after the performance!

Wish list 4 village tour

Realize the location of long neck Village -- long neck is also a kind of beauty( Click here for more details)

Every nation has different definitions of beauty. On the Thai Burmese border, there is an ethnic minority commonly known as "long necked people". Their standard of beauty is the length of the neck! In the eyes of long necked people, the longer a woman's neck is, the more beautiful it is. According to the custom, a girl should put a copper ring on her neck and limbs when she is 5 years old. From the age of 10, she will add one more on her neck every year until she is 25 years old. These copper rings can only be added up, not taken down. They should be worn all their lives. In old age, long necked women's necks will grow surprisingly, but this is not because their necks are really elongated by copper rings, but because their collars and shoulder bones are depressed by copper rings.

A foreign tourist can't help but experience the feeling of wearing a long necked collar

In fact, most of the long necked people live in Myanmar, and the "long necked people" in Thailand are "illegal immigrants" who entered the country because of the war. It took us 300 baht to see this deformed beauty. These long necked women in the village are obviously well-dressed, with bright colored headdress, neat national clothes, and even eyebrows and eyes. Young girls will smile at your camera lens and pose in all kinds of soft and beautiful posture. The arrival of tourists makes their life much happier than other immigrants.

How to realize

Transportation: fly from Beijing to Bangkok, transfer to Chiang Mai, take part in the local one-day tour, or charter a car to Changjing village.

Accommodation: Four Seasons Hotel, Chiang Mai. Located in the middle of woods, paddy fields and lakes, it was selected by fox as one of the world's top 10 unique luxury hotels in 2011. Living in such an environment, you can better understand the charm of Thai villages.

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Old town of Phuket

It is the capital of Phuket. At that time, only a small number of indigenous people lived in Phuket. Because of the discovery of tin mines, it attracted a large number of Chinese immigrants to settle here, and the Portuguese also followed. The old town of Phuket has been gradually formed by mining, building houses, breeding and the continuous integration of various nationalities. In particular, the architecture has integrated the different styles of China, Portugal and Thailand, which is worth seeing.

Dannen Sanduo village fair

This water market is the best place to experience the life of local villagers. In the market, small boats selling goods crisscross the canal. In addition to the houses of the residents living in the water villages on the Bank of the river, it forms an unforgettable picture of Thailand

Wish list 5 eco Tour

Green Mountain National Park: breakfast with gorillas

This forest park is located in the mountains more than 100 kilometers away from Bangkok. There are all kinds of wild animals living in the mountains far away from the noise of the city. It is said that there are more than 8000 of more than 300 species, most of which are kept in the mountains. Here, you can feed the lovely Sika Deer by hand, and have close contact with elephants and hippos. The performance is also very close to the habits of animals, there is no trace of artificial carving.

In Green Mountain National Park, you can take an elephant to explore

Compared with the day, the garden activities at night are much more exciting. Taking a convertible car, you can explore all kinds of wild animals in the forest in the dark with only the long-distance searchlight installed on the top of the car, which is full of the flavor of exploration. The most exciting thing is that you can also stay in the tent hotel in the forest park at night, stay in the nature surrounded by mountains, wake up in the morning, listen to the birds singing, deer eating grass at the door, and even gorillas having breakfast with you.

How to realize

Transportation: fly directly from Beijing to Bangkok and drive to Green Mountain National Park.

Accommodation: Green Mountain National Park tent hotel. Although it is a tent Hotel, all kinds of facilities are available. All the bathing tents are open-air. The tents used for bathing not only guarantee privacy, but also have open-air roofs. You can enjoy the fun of water bath in the bright sunshine. This five-star hotel not only allows you to get in close contact with nature, but also guarantees the requirements for comfort.

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Chiang Mai jungle leap

Do you want to wander through the jungle like Tarzan? There are several jungle leaps in the suburbs of Chiang Mai that you can try. Hovering down the tree dozens of meters high, along the rope shuttle in the virgin forest, thrilling and exciting. Of course, this activity also provides very safe protection measures.

Elephant Experience Camp

Masha elephant camp is an elephant training school with more than 100 elephants. With a professional elephant trainer on the ride, you can safely experience the feeling of ancient emperors and generals trekking mountains and rivers and galloping in the jungle, so that this giant is at your disposal.

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