A walk on the go trip to Patong from PP Island

A walk on the go trip to Patong from PP Island

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Published on October 22, 2013 20:35

If you don't do some things now, you won't do them all your life

A walk on the go trip

First stop Phuket

Overview of practical information

Before the travel notes, I will briefly describe the most concerned issues such as itinerary, expenses, visa, etc. you can refer to the children's shoes you need.

1、 Itinerary planning

I decided to go to Phuket for only one month. At that time, I paid attention to the itinerary of free travel on Ctrip. Considering that the transfer wasted time, people would feel uncomfortable and tired, so I chose the itinerary of Nanjing direct flight.

Six days and five nights, including:

The first day: the plane at 9:00 p.m. was delayed, and I didn't leave until 12:00 p.m

One day in Phuket: hanging out in the town

PP island two days: snorkeling

One day at Patong Beach: shopping + Banshee + bar street + one day tour to Panya Bay

2、 Cost statistics

The total cost of the 6-day trip for the two of us is about 15000 yuan. The main expenses are air tickets, accommodation, transportation and activities, which are basically reserved on Ctrip, while the cost of eating and shopping is relatively small.

3、 Air tickets

Ctrip's free travel, jetaisa's Boeing 767

4、 Visa

Don't want to trouble in Ctrip set for visa, 330 a person, if the time is more children's shoes can find Taobao seller, the cost will be cheaper, Thailand landing sign is also very convenient, as long as take a picture, when the time to fill in the form.


On the first day when the plane was 9:30 p.m., I received a call from Ctrip at noon, saying that the departure time was half an hour ahead of schedule. At 9:00, I was very happy that I could make it ahead of schedule. As a result, when it was nearly 5:30 p.m., Ctrip called again to inform me that the plane would be three hours late, and it would take off at 12:30 p.m., because I was going to take a boat to PP island at noon the next day, The late arrival of the plane shortened my first night's check-in time (in fact, I didn't have a rest at all. I checked in at about 7 a.m., took a bath and went to Phuket Town to have a look). However, Ctrip didn't think it was their problem and didn't need to be responsible for it. Tuniu handled the same things better than Ctrip, that is, arranging guests to check in, And returned the corresponding part of the money as compensation, and Ctrip customer service said it would find someone to contact me, but there has been no below, which is extremely dissatisfied.

first day

When I got to the airport, I got a boarding pass in an office, and then I checked in my luggage. When I checked in my luggage, I bought a Thai happy card, which was sold by the tour guide of the team tour. It was 70RMB. I asked him for a usage note.

When we got on the plane at 12:00, we arrived at 4:30 Thailand time. We took jet Asia flight. Fortunately, it was Boeing plane. It was very comfortable.

When the plane lands, the stewardess will issue the entry card. If the children's shoes for free travel can be asked for by the stewardess on their own initiative (I'm afraid you can ask for two more ones if you make mistakes), not everyone will issue the entry card. Because there is a team tour, the stewardess will directly give it to the guide.

Fill in the entry card and you can go through the customs. It's said on the Internet that the customs of Thailand asked for a tip of 10 yuan. It didn't happen when I went there. I just let it go after two times.

the second day

I got out of the airport at about 5:30 in the morning. I was picked up by the airport special bus that Ctrip ordered. When I got out of the airport, I could find the contact person when I saw the Ctrip brand. Because I had to take a boat to PP island in the afternoon, I chose to live in Puji town. We stayed in S.B living place. The driver who took us seemed not to know the hotel. As a result, I navigated and took the wrong road, Finally, we called the hotel to get there smoothly. We checked in at about 7 o'clock. The service attitude of the hotel was general. I ordered a standard double bed room, but it turned out to be a big bed room. However, we didn't have a rest. After taking a bath, we went to the hotel for breakfast.

Hotel lobby entrance

Breakfast - there are few varieties, but the taste is good. The eggs are delicious, ha ha ha

After breakfast, we went to Puji town center to play. It's about 20 minutes' walk to the town center. We don't need to make any Tutu cars. There are two 7-11s on the way. We bought some snacks and juice, which are very cheap~

A lovely clay doll shop passing by

Because of the time, I strolled around the town. I went through the vegetable market and bought some fruits, including mangoes, mangosteen, apples, and one that local people like to eat. I don't know the name of Lala

Back to the hotel lobby at 12:00 at noon and wait for the driver to pick us up to the dock, take a boat to PP island ~ the round-trip ticket of PP island is bought on Ctrip, and there are cars to pick us up from the dock to the hotel. On the way to the wharf, the driver took us to 7-11 shopping, but after we got on the bus, we were told to charge a tip, and the driver would stare at the tip, which was not good!

When we arrive at the wharf, we will give the order number and name, and the staff will give us a triplet ticket and label it. At the beginning, we will worry about what will happen. As a result, we find that we are worried about everything!!

The tickets to PP and back to Phuket were given to the staff, and the ticket in the middle was kept by themselves. I live in the north of PP, so I don't get off the boat when I'm in Tongsai Bay. I continue to go to the north by boat. The staff of the North Hotel will also find their hotel guests when I'm in Tongsai Bay. When I go to the north, I will directly follow the staff of the hotel. There will be a long tail boat in the sea indirectly.

The label given by the staff can be pasted on the obvious position of the body.

This is the PP resort we live in. It's the northernmost resort in the north

The northern resorts are all single family villas

There are not many places to eat in the north of PP. we all ate in Jasmin for two days, because I love his seafood fried rice so much that I have to order every meal.

In the early morning of the third day, we went to the beach to find the boatman and went out to sea, 1000 baht for 3 hours, providing bread and water, Bamboo Island and mosquito island for snorkeling

It's a beautiful bamboo island. It costs 200 baht per person to go to the island, but we didn't go there, so we didn't pay. We went snorkeling directly. Xiao Hei, who took us, was a young man. Because I couldn't swim, he took me swimming all the time. He swam for a long time and took me to see Nemo

Leopard Shark~

Snorkeling is really a little tired.. In the afternoon, we have a rest at the seaside. And then Jasmin in the evening

the forth day

We are going back to Phuket by boat early in the morning, so we should get up early to watch the sunrise~

When we arrived in Badong, we stayed in the Badong resort, which is very close to the seaside and Jiangxi cold. We can get there in five minutes. Three star hotel with high cost performance.

Jiangxi cold, Robinson inside the wager ultra cheap Oh ~ 5000 can be refunded, big C is 2000 can be refunded, big C inside there are selling NARAYA bags, and many are on sale ~ Lee buy two can be 20% off, an average of 300 pairs of jeans, also relatively cheap

In the evening, we ordered Simon's human demon show, so we can't take photos at the scene~

This is a kind of human demon that I think is more lovely. It's also a girl

The Fifth Day

Ctrip has ordered a one-day tour to Panya Bay. It turns out that the team tour is really boring! Most of the time is on the ship. We go to sea at more than ten in the morning, and each time is no more than half an hour. Well, it's quite cool to blow the sea breeze. Fruits and drinks are free on board. If you don't want to see 007 Island, you don't need to go here.

After going back to the hotel in the evening, I went for a walk on the beach of Patong. I happened to meet the sunset. I was so beautiful...

In the evening, I went to yoyo, which is recommended on the Internet, but I really don't like it. It's small in weight and bad in taste. When you check out, you must pay attention to it.

Later, I went to boots and big C to buy a lot of gifts. Nestle coffee in Thailand is very delicious. I bought a big bag of it and gave it to others as a gift. People fell in love with it after eating it, but I didn't bring it with me..

Day six

Early in the morning in the hotel pool to rest and wait for the bus, 10 o'clock on the bus to the airport, really reluctant to go, because of my first free travel, to the airport almost did not find the place to change boarding pass.. Later I found out that it was on the ground floor.. After going in and handling the tax refund, the time was almost up. There were a lot of people in the duty-free shop, so I went around. Except L'Oreal, the prices were almost the same. However, because the king power of Phuket airport was relatively small, L'Oreal was also relatively small. When I came here, I was four hours late, and the plane back was very punctual, so I didn't want to visit the duty-free shop for a while, ha-ha.

Tax refund in process

Back to Phuket. Bye~

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